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What was your Silver Shark experience like?
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Tara Weberg
Oct 04, 2021
I have done a dozen (yes, 12!) trips with silver shark adventures so far. If you’re on the fence about taking a trip, just go for it! Fair warning, if you are expecting this to be a pampered luxury vacation with all of the bells and whistles of a 5 star resort, then maybe this is not a trip for you. In BDLA the wifi can be spotty at times, the power in the town occasionally goes out, there are no ATMs and the drive down can be long...but I promise you that if you can overlook these small “inconveniences” you will be rewarded in ways beyond your imagination! From the genuine warmth of the locals, to the delicious food and breathtaking beauty of where the desert meets the sea you feel a sense of peace and relaxation take over once you get there. Also, let me tell you about the wildlife…so much wildlife! From bioluminescence to swimming with groups of curious Sea Lions, to large colonies of migrating birds (boobies and frigates galore!) to mega pods of dolphins (sometimes so many that they go as far as the eye can see) to swimming next to a fish the size of a school bus (hello beautiful whale sharks!). And the whales, my beautiful whales…I’ve have been fortunate enough to see humpbacks, fins, blues, greys, brydes, false killer and orcas in BDLA! If you book a trip to the lagoons to see the grey whales, prepare for your mind to be blown (the mothers will actually push their babies up to the boat for you to pet them!). These gentle beauties will leave you speechless…and maybe even a little bit wet. If you’re a wildlife nerd (such as myself) or just enjoy an adventure like no other do yourself a favor and just book the trip already!

Tara Weberg

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