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a video collection of the most spectacular footage we've collected


A once in a lifetime moment with a curious orca in the Sea of Cortez. This particular video is taken from perhaps my most memorable orca moment. After pursuing our boat for 20 minutes, this orca decided to make passes under and around us for approximately an hour. It was then when it swam past us, took an abrupt turn and floated vertically towards us. A vision which is still fresh in my memory as if it happened yesterday. 

A connection in the wild between an orca and humans.


This particular orca was initially following us with a pod of 4 other orcas. After 15-20 minutes, the pod broke off but this orca decided to stay and hang around us.


Numerous behavioral displays were exhibited but it was those which were eye-to-eye that left a life changing impression on us. 

Not much can compare to the personal / emotional connection one gets from visiting the grey whales in the calving lagoons of Baja California. A journey told by a genuine soul who had a lifelong dream of seeing and connecting with these incredible whales.

Once you experience the grey whales here, you’ll forever be changed. 

Summertime in the small, isolated fishing town of Bahía de los Angeles is an experience like no other. Beautiful volcanic islands pepper the sea, amongst a rich, biodiverse community of marine life. Swimming with whale sharks and sea lions, while often observing cetaceans such as whales and dolphins.

A place where absolutely anything is possible any given day. 

Swimming with the largest species of fish is something you’ll never forget. Now imagine doing that while in a bait ball consisting of sardines in the millions. So many fish that an animal the size of a bus gets lost within them and disappears. Whale sharks were nowhere to be found on the surface this day. It wasn’t until we got in the water and dove down below the bait ball that the giants were discovered. Feeding 10 feet below the bait ball, whale sharks were feasting on the very plankton the sardines were consuming. 

A 2 week adventure throughout the Bay of Angels. A brief video from an adventure with 2 friends traveling from Sweden to Bahía de los Angeles, Mexico.


Highlighted by swimming with large feeding whale sharks, curious sea lions, observing common / bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales and the majestic fin whales. 

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