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Common dolphin


Delphinus delphiis | Observed: Throughout the year

Common dolphins are the most abundant cetaceans in the world. They are extremely social,  living in larger pods. Pod sizes can range from a few hundred to thousands, the largest groups  can be over 10,000 individuals. Large pods (megapods / superpods ) of approximately 2,000 -  3,000 sometimes gather within the bay and channel in Bahia de los Angeles. Various behaviors  are often observed including breaching and bow riding. When they move through the sea, they  seem to do it effortlessly. Echolocation is clearly a big part of their social interactions with each  other. A diversity of clicks, whistles and whines can often be heard topside when they are within close range of boats. 

Common dolphins are considered medium sized dolphins. They can grow to a maximum of 8  ft. ( 2.4 meters ) and weigh up to 518 lbs. ( 235 kg ). Males tend to be longer and heavier than  females. An unusual color pattern with a dark back, white belly and an light grey / yellowish  hourglass pattern on each side.


Their diet mostly consists of schooling fish such as sardines,  mackerel and herring but can also feed on squid as well.

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