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About Silver Shark Adventures

This is not a large scale, corporate tourism company.  We travel in small groups to maximize your comfort and time spent with the wildlife, while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.  We do not wish to have an overwhelming presence around these animals.  Instead, we choose to be fortunate and respectful for the opportunity to share their environment with them.

Meet the Crew

Meet the crew


 boat captain 

 Pancho Verdugo 

Pancho Verdugo was born and raised in Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico. A local fisherman for the past 30 years, Pancho has developed a very special connection with the Sea of Cortez. After working together with him during the past 24 years, I have come to realize that absolutely anything is possible when we are out at sea. He has the most incredible intuition for predicting where and when we will find large marine mammals, often getting named "Neptuno" from guests spending time with him. When Pancho predicts we are going to see something special, it often has the potential to be life changing. Always happy and full of humor, it's very easy to fall in love with his genuine personality. His positive energy is contagious as I believe it helps us witness some of the most spectacular experiences in the sea. He absolutely loves and respects the environment that is Bahia de los Angeles. One of the most common comments from guests is how he's as excited as they are when we are in the middle of a remarkable encounter. Pancho is a true inspiration and the soul of our time out at sea. 


Pancho resides in Bahia de los Angeles with his wife Imelda and their three children: Brisa, Galy and Ivan.

Along with his wife Imelda, he volunteers time in assisting with the monitoring of the sea turtle population in Bahia de los Angeles.

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 expedition leader 

charlie harmer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I grew up constantly fascinated with the ocean and life residing in it. However, it wasn't until I began venturing down to Bahia de los Angeles in 1998 where my life was forever changed. A journey initiated by helping to educate students on the biology of the marine environment through a college field studies program. From the very first time I arrived to this incredible location, I was immediately inspired by its unique and natural beauty. Furthermore, it was during the next 20 years where I discovered my calling. No matter how much satisfaction I was getting from these trips, watching and sharing countless, unforgettable experiences with others was all the motivation needed for the conception of this business. It's why Silver Shark Adventures came to be.  


I truly love Bahia de los Angeles. The people, the landscapes, the surprising energy constantly flowing throughout the sea... it all makes this place a perfect destination suited for an inspirational adventure. My dream is for all those who will treasure every moment as much as I do to witness, admire and respect this exceptionally rich and biodiverse marine paradise. 

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Photo Credit: Breanna Harmer.

the panga


Video Credit: Mike Nulty and Silver Shark Adventures.

where we stay


A hidden, beachfront

ecotourism campground

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