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Alexis Elias
San Francisco, California, USA

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Trip Count: 3

In 2017 I was lucky enough to find Silver Shark Adventures instagram! I couldn't believe the content I saw, when I saw the infamous orca video I knew that I had to go on one of Charlie's trips. Silver Shark Adventures was a newer business and I really didn't have any idea what I was getting myself and my boyfriend into, all I knew was that I wanted to see the whale sharks. 

We met Charlie before we finalized our decision to go on the trip. Charlie was awesome! He is so nice, caring, and so passionate! He will answer all of your questions and will ease any hesitations you may have about traveling to Mexico! After our meeting, I didn't have any hesitations about going on the trip. 


My first trip was amazing, Charlie made sure that we had everything we needed throughout the entire trip. Bahia isn't a resort town, the hotel you will stay in isn't extravagant. BUT the town has character, and the people that live in Bahia de Los Angeles are so genuine and friendly. 

My boyfriend and I went at the end of August in 2017, and the heat was miserable. We were on the water from 7:30am - 1:00pm for four days. Everyday was incredible. We swam with whale sharks everyday and with the sea lions on one of the last days. Charlie is so knowledgeable about all of the wildlife and always makes sure that the water is safe for everyone before jumping in! 

I honestly didn't want to leave Bahia after the week I was there, it didn't matter that it was 100 F plus and so incredibly humid. Bahia has a special magic about it that is indescribable. I was so sad to leave, but I knew that I would be back!

I went back to Bahia that October 2017 to swim with the whale sharks again, and then in March 2018 to see the grey whales in Guerro Negro. My last two trips were all equally amazing experiences. If you're trying to decide which trip to take, don't, just go on both. They are both so different and equally as AMAZING!!! 

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Just one last thing, I feel like I need to give a forewarning, if you are looking for a luxury vacation, these trips are not for you. However, if you're looking for an adventure to a magical place don't question it. JUST GO! I can promise that it will be a once in a lifetime experience. I went on three different trips, and each has its own unique experience. On every trip we had at least one, if not multiple, "Bucket List" experiences. I can talk about my experiences for hours, I just want anyone reading this review to take away one thing, you won't regret going on a trip with Charlie, just make sure you remember to bring a positive attitude, an open mind, and of course your favorite bikini!

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