Video Credit: Silver Shark Adventures; Mike Nulty.

Stephanie Harris
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Trip Count: 1

London, U.K.

"I can't imagine anyone would ever regret going on a trip with Silver Shark Adventures! My husband and I went on a Grey whale trip in Feb/March 2020 and it was pure magic."

Photo Credit: Mike Nulty.

Holly Mracek

Trip Count: 4

Eliot, Maine, USA

"Every day I woke like a child on Christmas morning (far earlier than I had on any other vacation), unsure of the day that lay before us, but knowing that it would be new and glorious."


Bahia resident

"Todos los viajes en Bahía

son experiencias

muy diferentes."

Charlie Harmer


"I want those who will treasure every moment as much as I do to witness, admire and respect this exceptionally rich and biodiverse marine paradise."

Alexis Elias
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Trip Count: 4

San Francisco, USA

"If you're looking for an adventure to a magical place, don't question it.


I can promise that it will be a once in a lifetime experience."


Photo Credit: Mike Nulty.


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Baja Whale Shark adventure

What are you waiting for?


baja whale adventure

It's time.

Photo Credit: Mike Nulty.

Photo Credit: Mike Nulty.