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Holly Mracek
Eliot, Maine, USA

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Trip Count:5

I have now been on two trips with Charlie of Silver Shark Adventures and can't wait to go back again. In April of 2018, I roped a friend into going on the Gray Whale Adventure with me. We had such an amazing time, we almost immediately signed up for the Whale Shark Adventure that September. These have honestly been the most amazing and awe-inspiring trips I have ever been on.  

Charlie works really hard to make sure everyone has the best time possible. To that end, he will reach out in advance of the trip, discuss the plan and answer any questions you may have. Which definitely helped put me at ease, as I had never done a trip of this caliber before. 

The 10 to 13-hour drive from Southern California to Bahia may be a deterrent to some, but the reward is in the journey.


Charlie's intimate knowledge and passion for the wildlife and people of Bahia (and the surrounding areas) is unmatched. I can't imagine trying to do this trip with anyone else. That he will only take small groups is so fantastic. It encourages a real sense of camaraderie and is just another testament to his respect for the animals and people of this area. You spend time as a part of the community and not as a gaggle of yahoos, descending upon a town and its inhabitants like a swarm of gnats.

Every day I woke like a child on Christmas morning (far earlier than I had on any other vacation), unsure of the day that lay before us, but knowing that it would be new and glorious. I would do my best to get up in time to soak in the gorgeous sunrise (which I highly recommend) and because nature is truly unpredictable, I would also prepare for the possibility that the best thing to happen that day may be, spending the day with fantastic people in paradise.


After a light breakfast, we would head out on the boat for the day. Searching the horizon for signs of wildlife. Or waiting for Pancho to abruptly change course and head towards what would inevitably be another amazing encounter with one of the many animals that call this gorgeous place home.

Words can hardly do justice to the interactions I have had on these trips. The privilege of sharing the same space with these magnificent creatures is such a priceless gift.  When a baby (still like 20 feet long) Gray Whale makes eye contact with you it will take your breath away.

Swimming alongside a massive, yet graceful, Whale Shark will leave you searching for expletives you never knew you needed. The joy in hearing the resonance of a 70-foot Fin Whale inhaling right near our little panga (boat), before it disappears again beneath the surface. There are so many additional interactions which I have had the privilege of experiencing, I could go on for days.  Sea lions, Blue Footed Boobies, Pelicans, Flying Fish, Devil Rays, the list goes on and on. But, one thing is for sure, the experiences you will have with Silver Shark Adventures will truly be unique and life-changing.

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