Where exactly are we traveling?


We will be traveling to Bahia de los Angeles, located along the coast of the Sea of Cortez in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico.  The Baja California Peninsula is separated from the mainland of Mexico by the Sea of Cortez (aka the Gulf of California).  Bahia de los Angeles is a small, remote fishing town located approximately 400 miles (644 km) south of the US / Mexico International border in San Diego, California.  The winter / spring adventures, January -  April, travel to Guerrero Negro and Bahia de los Angeles.  Guerrero Negro is where gray whales migrate every winter to give birth and nurse newborn calves in the Lagoon of Ojo de Liebre.  It is located approximately 445 miles (717 km) south of the US / Mexico International border in San Diego, California.


How do we travel to Mexico?


We travel by car to Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico.  We’ll be meeting in Los Angeles, California, early in the morning of our travel. Arrival time to our destination will be in the afternoon.  Travel details are similar for the winter / spring whale trips to Guerrero Negro.  During those trips, Guerrero Negro is our first destination instead of Bahia de los Angeles.  Arrival into Guerrero Negro is in the late afternoon, generally 2 hours later than arrival would be to Bahia de los Angeles.


Do I need a passport to travel into Baja California? Any other documentation needed?


Yes.  Everybody traveling needs to have a valid passport.  U.S. citizens are now required to have a valid passport; a birth certificate and / or driver’s license will not be sufficient.  You will be required to show proof of citizenship, residency, and / or a visa when returning back to the USA.  A Permanent Resident Card is required if you are a permanent resident.  Any others must have a valid passport with the correct visa or documentation.  Please feel free to contact us with questions / concerns regarding travel documents.


Is there an age limit / requirement for these trips?


We’ve had 10 year old children and 65 year old adults make the journey down to Baja California to participate in these adventures.  It’s a unique and unbelievable experience to witness these pelagic giants upclose in a majestic landscape comprised of desert and sea.  There is more physical / swimming activity with the Whale Shark Adventure in the summer months compared to the Gray Whale / Whales of Bahia Adventure in the winter.  It’s recommended you are at least 4ft (1.2 m) to get in the water with the whale sharks and sea lions.  It’s necessary to be in good physical health.  No infants or very small children.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding age requirements.


Do I need to know how to snorkel and / or be a good swimmer?


You don’t need to be an excellent swimmer but knowing how to swim will definitely make you feel more comfortable with our encounters.  It also depends on the type of adventure you choose.  The Whale Shark Adventure is more of a snorkeling / swimming trip, you’ll be in the water everyday.  There will be moments when you’ll need to swim at a decent pace to keep up
with the whale sharks.  Yet, whale sharks at the surface feeding and / or swimming slowly are opportunities when you won’t have to exert much energy swimming.  Swimming with sea lions does not require nearly as much swimming ability as you’ll be moving slowly and in a floating position while in the water with these marine mammals.  Life preservers will always be available.

Snorkeling is relatively simple and necessary if you are planning to swim with whale sharks and sea lions.  If you do not know how to snorkel, please inform us when booking a trip.  We will gladly teach you how to snorkel.  You also have the right to be an observer, if you wish, and witness our encounters from the boat.  It’s clearly your choice.  The Gray Whale / Whales of
Bahia Adventure is mostly a “whale watching” trip comprised of up-close encounters with whales, dolphins and sea lions.  The majority of this trip is observation from the boat.  The option to swim with the sea lions is included in all trips itineraries.


Do I need diving experience?


No diving experience is necessary for these adventures. All of the water activity is snorkeling.


Do I need to bring my own snorkeling gear / wetsuit?


Yes.  You’ll need a mask, snorkel and fins.  It’s very important your snorkeling gear fits properly.  Place the mask on your face without the strap around your head, breathe in through your nose and you should feel the mask stick to your face.  If it doesn’t stick, that mask doesn’t fit your face properly.  You don’t want to be in the water with a mask that’s consistently leaking.  A wetsuit is highly recommended for the winter / spring adventures if you want to swim with sea lions.  The summer is optional.  Wearing a wetsuit will definitely keep you warmer and help to protect you from natural elements such as stony coral, rocks and the sun.  A ⅛” spring wetsuit is all you need if you decide to bring one.


How much time is spent in the water?


As mentioned earlier, we spend far more time in the water during the Whale Shark Adventure.  Generally, we are out on the water daily, exploring for roughly 5 hours. 2 - 3 of those hours will usually be spent in the water observing whale sharks, sea lions and other marine life.  The Gray Whale / Whales of Bahia Adventure is more “whale watching” from the boat but there are moments when we can encounter something worthy of a swim / snorkel.  The sea lion swim / snorkel is approximately an hour.


What’s the average weather temperature?


Bahia de los Angeles has an average summer temperature of 90 F (32 C).  However, it definitely can get warmer, especially from July - September.  Winter / Spring months average 73 F (23 C).  Temperatures in Guerrero Negro from January - April
average 72 F (22 C).


Can I bring my own camera?


Definitely!  There will be numerous opportunities to capture some unforgettable memories with a camera.  Waterproof protection is a must even if you are not planning to use your camera in the water.  We will be constantly surrounded by water, therefore the chances of your equipment getting wet is high.  We also offer a video / photograph option where we can provide you with footage from your trip.  Whether you don’t have a camera or just want to experience this adventure and not be concerned with taking photographs / video, this option may be best suited for you.  Please contact us for information.


Is it guaranteed I will see whale sharks, whales, sea lions and dolphins?


It is impossible to guarantee 100% which animals you will or will not see.  A large part of what makes these adventures so exciting, is the unpredictability of what encounters you may witness.  This is obviously not a zoo or theme park.  It is true nature in the open sea.  These trips are precisely planned during peak times of the year where the chances of observing these
incredible animals are at its highest level possible.  Whale sharks migrate to Bahia de los Angeles and reside there from
June - November, sometimes into early December.  The chances of seeing and swimming with these gentle giants during these months is extremely high.  Sea lions and dolphins are year round residents, which gives you an exceptional chance for encounters.  There are numerous whale species found in Bahia de los Angeles as well.  Fin whales, humpback whales and blue whales, the largest animal on the planet, are among those found consistently in the waters surrounding the bay of Bahia.  The chances of up close encounters with the gray whales in Guerrero Negro is extremely high as well.


Where will we be staying during our trip?


We will be staying at a hotel located on the beach when we are in Bahia de los Angeles.  It’s a simple yet comfortable place for you to reside during your stay.  Our location will be in the north, approximately a 5 minute drive from the center of town, where we eat our meals, make telephone calls, get supplies for the boat trips and make any other necessary purchases.  The
hotel location is exceptional for viewing spectacular island sunrises, peaceful sunsets and nightly “star gazing” with no light pollution.  Our winter / spring trips also spend 2 nights in Guerrero Negro.  We will be staying in the main part of the town when at this location.  There are no hotels on the beach in Guerrero Negro.


Will I have cell phone service? / WiFi?


There is no cell phone service in Bahia de los Angeles.  Any personal phone calls can be made in the center of town at several locations.  You will be charged by the minute at these locations.  There are also several places that provide internet services. WiFi in Bahia de los Angeles is available but don’t expect exceptional service.  There is no guarantee of always having WiFi wherever we are in the town.  Some locations in town are better than others.  We will make our best efforts to provide you with accessible WiFi when necessary.  One of the reasons people come to a place like Bahia de los Angeles is to escape their normal life and the amenities we are all so accustomed to living with everyday.

If you are traveling to see the Gray Whales in the winter, you will have cell phone service available in Guerrero Negro.  Internet access and WiFi at the hotel are also provided.  Once again, there is WiFi but it’s not the best or most dependable.